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Making Positive Changes in Your Life

If you're ready to overcome fears, reduce anxiety & stress, manage depression, get to your ideal weight, quit smoking, improve concentration & focus,  sleep better or make any positive changes in your life, hypnotherapy may be the solution you are looking for.


Hypnotherapy is Safe and Natural

 Hypnosis can occur naturally anytime an individual becomes deeply  relaxed and/or highly focused.  The subconscious mind comes into the "driver's seat" while the conscious mind takes a "back seat". Many people go into hypnosis while driving, reading or listening to music.  When doing a hypnotherapy session, clients are guided into a relaxed state, while remaining very aware of what is going on during the session. 


Qualified - Compassionate - Caring - Effective

Linda King, C.Ht., has been conducting thousands of medical hypnotherapy sessions since 2001.  Her promise is to be there for you every step of your journey. Her goal is to assist you in healing from your past and present struggles and move forward to where you want to be in your life. 


Hypnotherapy can help you:

~ Overcome Fears & Phobias
~ Reduce/Eliminate Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress and Insomnia
~ Quit Smoking (in One Session!)
~ Get to Your Ideal Weight
~ Overcome Depression or Grief
~ Increase Self-Esteem & Confidence
~ Reduce or Control Pain
~ Improve Medical Conditions and Speed Up Healing Process
~ Increase Concentration & Focus
~ Improve Memory
~ Overcome Habits & Obsessive Behaviors
~ Improve Learning & Enhance Study Habits
~ Overcome Test Anxiety
~ Improve Sexual Performance
~ Overcome Shyness
~ Explore Past Lives

~ Improve Relationships or Attract Your Soul Mate

~ Increase Your Income/Manifest $$$
~ Reach Your Goals & Your Full Potential!!

The Possibilities are Endless!!


What is Hypnotherapy?

 What is Hypnotherapy?
Making positive changes (therapy) while your mind and body are in a natural state of relaxation (hypnosis).







* VERY REASONABLE RATES!  Rates range from $85 - $250; discounts offered for multiple sessions or packages.

If you don't like the way your life is going, CHANGE IT!

Know that you have the power to make any changes in your life--the first step is deciding it's time to make that change! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q.  Is hypnosis safe? Yes, you are in a state of mind  similar to hypnosis everyday.. upon  awakening in the morning or just before you drift off into a deep sleep at night.  While in hypnosis,  your brain waves are in the alpha mode, the level of mind associated  with meditation, prayer, deep relaxation and inspired creativity. 

   Q.  Can I really be hypnotized? Anyone who wishes to enter the state  known as hypnosis can do so quite easily.  All it takes is a  willingness to relax and feel good!  

 Q. What if I can't be hypnotized? If you have a desire to go into  hypnosis and you have a near normal IQ (or above), you CAN be  hypnotized! Some people go into hypnosis faster than others -- but  everyone gets better at it with practice.  
 Some persons with low intelligence  or mental disabilities may have a little difficulty being hypnotized.  Some people believe that only weak minded people can be hypnotized --NOT  TRUE!  


 Q.  Will I be out of control and cluck like a chicken or do something silly? Only if you want to.  In hypnosis, you are still aware of everything that is going on around you.  You are  free to accept or reject any suggestions that are given to you; you will not do or say anything in hypnosis that you would not do when wide  awake.  You are only more receptive to the suggestions and images that  you want to program into your subconscious.    

Q. What is the difference between stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Stage hypnosis is done for  entertainment purposes only. People will volunteer to go up on stage  because they know they will be asked to something silly and they do not  mind making a fool of themselves. Hypnotherapy is done for a therapeutic purpose; (overcome fears, end a habit, develop more confidence, etc.). 
   Q. Can I get "stuck" in hypnosis? No, it's impossible to get stuck in a  hypnotic state.  If you fall asleep, while you are in the office, the  therapist will wake you.  
Q. How do I know hypnosis can help me? Call and talk to the hypnotherapist, Linda King. She can give you more information and answer any questions you may have. 
 Q. How does hypnosis work? In hypnosis, we speak directly to  your subconscious mind - your control center.  This part of your mind is  conditioned by old habit patterns and the avoidance of pain and the  pursuit of pleasure.  Often when change is desired, it is only the  conscious mind making the decision.  The subconscious mind may want to  continue to hold on to the old behaviors.  Anyone who has ever been on a  diet or tried to quit smoking knows this conflict all too well!  The  suggestions received in hypnosis convince your subconscious of all the  benefits and pleasures your new behavior will bring.  Soon, your  conscious and subconscious mind are working together... and changes  start taking place. 
Q.  What happens during my hypnosis appointment?
 First, we sit down and discuss your  goals and how hypnosis can help.  This discussion forms the basis of  your individual hypnosis session. Hypnosis and how it works will be  explained to you in detail.  All your questions are answered so that you  feel totally comfortable with the process.  Our appointment will last  approximately 90 minutes, the hypnosis portion is about 35-40 minutes  long.  

  Q. What does it feel like to be hypnotized?
 You will feel relaxed and at ease,  allowing your subconscious mind to absorb and act upon many positive  suggestions and images.  Afterwards, you may feel better than you have  felt in a very long time or you may feel as if you had a little nap.         

 LINDA KING, Certified Hypnotherapist (970) 215-7606  
  150 E. 29th Street, Suite 245 Loveland, CO 80538 Palmer Gardens Shopping Center - Offices upstairs    



About Linda King, C.Ht.

Linda King Certified Medical Hypnotherapist,has been trained in hypnosis and hypnotherapy since 2001 to work with adults, teens and children. She has helped hundreds of people just like you reach their goals with  hypnosis.  Your time with her will be relaxing and supportive, and the  outcome, most likely, life changing.

Linda has been trained in Hypnosis, Transformational Hypnotherapy, Medical  Hypnotherapy, Past Life Therapy, HypnoBirthing, Self-Hypnosis Instructor Training and Pediatric Hypnosis by some of the most respected teachers  in the field: Brian Weiss, M.D..
Marilyn Gordon, Okka Holthius, Marie (Mickey) Mongan, (the late) Ormond  McGill, Gerald Kein, Don Mottin, Calvin Banyan, Shaun Brookhouse, Tom  Nicoli, Lisa Halpin, William Horton and many others.

Since 2001, Linda has been a Professional Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and is listed in the Who's Who in American Professional Women.

She primarily uses the Transformational Healing Method, which  incorporates a variety of techniques to experience, transform and  release. Linda believes that you can't change the past, but you CAN heal  the past, as well as change the way you feel about the past. 



"I  smoked for 40 years and had quit numerous times. Linda helped me quit with one hypnosis session and it WORKED! I'm smoke-free and I wasn't a  nervous wreck. I feel great being in control and have more energy.  Things taste and smell so much better."
                               -  K.A., Estes Park, CO

"Thanks, Linda! One hypnotherapy session and I quit biting my nails! I can look at my hands again!"
                                 - S.V., Loveland, CO

"Linda helped me get my confidence back on the ski slopes after having  an accident. I'm skiing better than ever and enjoying every minute.  She  also helped my young son overcome his fear of bees.  It's amazing what  can be accomplished in just one session!"
                            - Lynne M.,  Loveland, CO

"After dealing with severe facial pain for many years, I decided to try  hypnotherapy. In finding Linda with her calming, peaceful nature, I am  learning with her guidance and knowledge how to manage physical pain.  Linda has helped me restore my faith and hope for the future and to  believe that any physical or emotional challenge can be overcome. Linda  is a true and caring professional and I highly recommend  her."              
                                - Diane, Johnstown, CO


" Linda is very professional and personable. I will be going back ."     - Lenda L.            5/30/19


"  Linda is very insightful and knowledgeable.   She has many  years of experience and education so she definitely knows what she is  doing.  I am excited to do the crystal bed! "                - Valerie T.                 12/22/18



 "  I met with Linda for Hypnotherapy, it was a great  experience and I left with a recording so I can listen to my session  over and over! " - Amy L.    10/10/18               

   "  I contacted Linda to help with getting to sleep.  I've  been anxious about going to bed, have to take medication to get to sleep  and stay asleep.  I wanted to handle sleeping more easily and  naturally.  After the first session, I was no longer anxious, which was  great.  I booked another session for a past life regression and the hypnosis actually helped with my sleep.  So the two sessions helped me achieve my goal.  Linda was very understanding, easy to talk about the problem and worked to help me  achieve my goal.  I would definitely recommend a session to help with  brain problems limiting your goals.  Linda is great, do it and empower  yourself!         - Paige B. 1/29/18 


"  I was nervous about going to hypnotherapy.  Linda King put  me at ease and was very thorough in her explanations.  She quickly  answered any and all of my concerns.  I will be returning to her again  in the near future.  I recommend her to anyone interested in  hypnotherapy. "   - Pamela F.   4/24/14                 


   " Linda is a skilled practitioner, which made for a great experience! "  - Kathleen  W.  7/15/18                 


 "Great experience with insightful gal.  I will definitely be going to see her again."    - Therese G.    2/17/16                 


    "Linda is wonderful! What an amazing experience. I can’t wait to return for my next session! "   -  Jesse H.   1/22/18                 

"After  being very shy my whole life, Linda helped me break out of my shell.  Now, I've found the love of my life will be getting married soon."
                                  - M.K., Estes Park, CO

"You put me in touch with myself again. I'm seeing life as fun, which I haven't done for some time because I was focusing on the pain."
                                    - Julie T., Loveland, CO



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Our Therapy

Depression, Stress & Anxiety


Depression, stress and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through hypnotherapy, clients are able to recover motivation, perspective, positivity and joy that you once had in your life. 




 Linda believes it is important to use the right words -- shed the pounds, eliminate the weight, see the pounds melt away....
If you say 
lose weight, your subconscious mind will try to find the lost pounds. 

It is recommended to try Linda's four session plan for getting to your ideal weight, AND maintaining it!  


This includes:
~ 90 minute session to discuss your goals, your food and exercise plan to  get the weight off, what benefits you will  see, and making a commitment to yourself

~ Other sessions are 60 minutes and may address motivation, cravings, speeding up metabolism, making healthy choices, chewing food slower, etc.
~ Techniques to remove cravings for problem foods 
~ Flower Essence Therapy to work on the emotional and attitudinal aspects 
~ At least two sessions will be recorded on your phone or audio recorde




A two hour session that works on the physical, mental, social and emotional levels to end the habit once and for all!
Each session is geared towards each individual client. Sessions  incorporate hypnosis, behavior modification, aversion therapy,   acupressure using a magnet for the ear, EFT (emotional freedom  techniques) and flower essence therapy (to work on creating positive  changes and balance emotions).

COST: $250 (Includes audio CD, handouts, acupressure ear magnets, 1 oz. bottle of flower essences and a few other goodies)

Linda has a 90% success rate with clients quitting in one session. Persons who need a second session are offered a discounted rate.



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Please contact Linda to see if Hypnotherapy is right for you or to answer any questions.

Linda King Hypnotherapy & Naturally Yours Wellness

150 E. 29th Street, Suite 245, Loveland, CO 80538

(970) 215-7606

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Open Monday thru Saturday 9am to 8pm,  by appointment only


Directions to Palmer Gardens, Loveland, CO

 Located  at Palmer Gardens, at  Hwy 287 & 29th Street, enter building at  center of shopping mall at the atrium and tall brown cement pillars. This complex has Sushi Jooa on one end; Tilted Barrel on the other end. Einstein Bagels and Dunkin' Donuts are on the corners. 

Go up stairs or elevator to 2nd  floor. Go over walkway to Suite 245, which is the second door on the right.

From Fort Collins: Take  College Avenue (287) south into Loveland.  At the intersection of 287  & 29th will be through the stoplight on the right.(opposite corner  of Orchard Shopping Center)


From Estes ParkGo east on Hwy 34. Make a left on  Lincoln (287); proceed one mile. Turn left into parking lot, you'll see  Sushi Jooa at the entrance, just past House of Spirits (on the right). Palmer Gardens is just before stoplight at  29th Street. 

From BerthoudTake Hwy 287 north to Eisenhower, continue north. Proceed  one mile. Turn left into parking lot, you'll see Sushi Jooa at the  entrance. Palmer Gardens is just before stoplight at 29th Street. 

From Greeley: Go west on Hwy 34. Turn right on Lincoln, (287), Proceed  one mile. Turn left into parking lot, you'll see Sushi Jooa at the  entrance. Palmer Gardens is just before stoplight at 29th Street. 



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Wellness Spa Treatments

Linda King has been certified as an Reiki Master/Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Herbalist, Naturopath, Flower Essence Practitioner, etc. over the past twenty years. She offers the following therapies to enhance your healing and relaxation experiences.

Crystal Light Healing Bed

Client lies on an infrared mat, and receives a "bath" of frequencies, provided by the crystals, colors, lights,  sound therapy, aromatherapy and more. Very healing on all levels: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Financial, etc.  $30 for a 30 minute session. 

Flower Remedies

Flower Essences or Remedies are energetic frequencies made from the dewdrops of flowers, plants and trees. Rescue Remedy is a popular flower remedy blend, which is sold around the world. Taken orally or put on the wrist, the remedies can help with a wide variety of issues by changing our frequencies. Consultation - $45, which includes a one ounce bottle of remedies (approx one month supply). 

Ion Foot Detox

Soaking your feet in the detoxifying bath, while positive and negative ions pull the toxins from your body.  30 minutes. $25 or a package of 5 for $100

Far Infrared Sauna

Spending 30 minutes in the FIR sauna at 140 degrees is a relaxing and detoxifying experience., especially before or after a massage. $25  Only $20 if doing another treatment.

Massage & Spa Treatments

Massage therapy with a variety of techniques, hot stone massage, soft as satin hand treatment, foot reflexology, mini facial rejuvenation, etc.